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High Court ruling gives Prime Minister permission to lie to the public.

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Marcus J Ball (PA Media)

Today, the High Court has refused Marcus J Ball’s application for permission to appeal the case to the Supreme Court because they claim it is not a matter of public importance. They gave no reasons for their ruling aside from to write ‘no, no, no’. Marcus stated that ‘this was a green light to lie to the public’.

They are of course the same Judges that on the 3rd July this year, quashed the properly made decision of District Judge Coleman to issue a summons against Mr Johnson MP for misconduct in public office.

Today in response to Mr Ball’s application challenging the decision to dismiss the summons, the judges have not only refused permission to appeal but have also refused to certify that the case raises a point of law of general public importance. The Judges gave no reason for their decision.

Marcus stated that: ‘Let me remind everyone, this is a case of alleged misconduct in public office against the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom concerning repeated lies about the spending of the public purse. It concerns the duties of Members of Parliament and Mayors of London and as such goes to the heart of the United Kingdom’s democratic process and public trust in it. The case is a worldwide news story of immense public interest and it has been funded by 15,000 members of the public who have voluntarily paid for it. The offence of misconduct in public office has itself never come before the Supreme Court and is in great need of their attention and clarification. Yet, according to Lady Justice Rafferty these are not matters of public importance. Nothing to see here.’

Mr Ball said: ‘My faith in the English legal system, was reinforced by DJ Coleman’s decision to issue a summons which she spent over three months carefully considering. My faith in the English Legal system was damaged by the decision of the Divisional Court to quash the District Judge’s Decision after spending just three days looking at our case. Today my faith in the ideal that all persons are treated equally under the law has been shattered.
It is unacceptable that a Member of Parliament can lie about Government spending figures and misuse official statistics on a platform secured by relying upon his public office, and who references his public office at the time of the misconduct, especially where it was a duty of his public office to scrutinise and safeguard public expenditure and to act with honesty and with
It is worrying and highly damaging to society that our courts have seemingly sanctioned the misuse of status, opportunity and influence.
‘It is a green light for all public office holders to lie. It is a green light for the PM to lie. Police officers, army officers, judges, prison officers and all elected representatives are now legally permitted, under this ruling, to lie to the public’.
Mr Ball has 15,000 supporters who have funded this case against the PM and who would vehemently disagree with the Court’s decision today. Mr Ball is fighting for the people of the United Kingdom in an attempt to make MPs wake up and realise that we cannot be lied to.
Marcus said that: ‘Ultimately, when politicians lie democracy dies. That is my message and it still is’.
Mr Ball is happy to answer any questions that the press may wish to put to him. Mr Ball will publish his legal team’s submission against the Court’s decision to quash the summons and for permission to appeal. ‘I’m going to publish our main written submissions so that everyone can see for themselves that our case was completely deserving of a fair trial’.
Mr Ball is researching with his lawyers potential legal challenges to today’s decision. ‘We are considering our options moving forward including taking this to the European Courts, appealing directly to the Supreme Court or simply prosecuting him again in an attempt to force the courts to follow the law’.