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Prosecuting politicians is the only way out of this Brexit mess


Marcus J Ball (As published by

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The relationship between the electorate and the elected is not working.

Our country is paralysed with Brexit because it is too divided with distrust and the only solution to this mess is to prosecute the politicians who have caused it.

Both Remain and Leave politicians were accused of numerous deceits and betrayals of public trust during the EU referendum.

For instance, it was not okay for the government to enforce strict spending limits on referendum campaigners, only to spend an extra £9.2million of public money on their own pro-remain leaflet for every household.

"If we want to unite our country we must resolve the issues that divided it."

It was also not acceptable for leave campaigners to have claimed that ‘we send £350 million a week to the EU’ when they were repeatedly informed by the UK Statistics Authority, renowned economists and the Treasury Committee that we do not.

Such decisions divided public belief – so it is no surprise that the public may have felt that politicians were trying to win by cheating and lying. This rotten foundation of distrust in politics is what our nation’s future is now based on.

These abuses of public trust are why, with our legal team, we have attempted to build prosecution cases against political leaders from both remain and leave campaigns.

After a two and a half year long investigation, we have concluded that Mr Boris Johnson MP should be prosecuted for the alleged offence of misconduct in public office. We accuse him of having lied to the public about public spending figures, including the £350 million a week claim.

We have informed Mr Johnson of this and are very shortly due to lay an our information at the Magistrates’ Court. Mr Johnson is innocent unless proven guilty, and I ask all readers to please remember that when commenting on our case.

We must take a step back to understand the foundation problem that has caused the divide over Brexit – the conduct of politicians during the EU Referendum.

Who lied, who didn’t? Who potentially broke the law? Who didn’t? Who overspent, who didn’t? What really happened? If we want to unite our country we must resolve the issues that divided it.

We have a public trust crisis and the solution is not more politics. Instead, it lies in the law and the courts.

The reason we are so divided and directionless as a nation today is because of the conduct of our politicians yesterday. The solution is a framework of clear legal rules about what elected representatives are allowed to do and what they aren’t allowed to do.

Parliament has clearly demonstrated that it is incapable of policing or restraining itself. We can’t expect MPs to form their own rules so our best chance is to trust our judges and juries instead.

I don’t want to live in a country divided by lies and abuse of public trust. I want to live in a country united by the struggle to discover truth, led by elected representatives whose conduct is so admirable it inspires new faith in the world around us. I believe the common law can achieve this, and that is why I am a private prosecutor.

Remaining in the EU, leaving the EU and a compromise between the two clearly do not unite our country. The only thing that can is building public faith in the systems of democracy and government with the use of criminal prosecution cases.

We must establish truth and trust, then we can we move forward, unified.