• Parliament should make "essay writing mills" illegal


    I was walking through South Kensington's Underground station when I saw this advertisement for an essay writing mill. I was disgusted that such a 'service' should be advertised so shamelessly in such a prominent place as the London Underground.


    For this reason, I started a petition with Parliament to make it illegal for essay writing mills to operate in the UK. This should have been done years ago.


    If you don't know what an 'essay writing mill' is then please understand that it's a company that writes essays for cash so that the students don't have to write them themselves. It's making a profit from despicable cheating on an industrial scale and it needs to be stopped.


    Times Higher Education article: https://www.timeshighereducation.com/blog/company-wanted-me-write-students-essays-return-cash


    Focus: The Chronicle of Higher Education:




    I'm happy to see that the Government now has plans to deal with this problem. I'm not sure if my work had an impact on this but It's nice to think so.