• 'I am a Learning & Development professional and I have been passionate about people development for over 30 years. My drive has always been to help people to become better at what they do. After seeing Marcus’s Tedx talk at Surrey University I immediately expressed to him my agreement with his message. He understands and is actively fighting against many of the big problems that Universities and companies face when it comes to adult learning. Problems I’ve faced head on throughout my career. Marcus is a very effective and dynamic speaker who is passionate about improving standards within adult education. He completely grabbed the attention of the audience with his message and approach and he is someone that is worth listening to!'


    -Nick Foyle Former European Head of Learning & Development at KPMG and former Training Director at IMS.



    'Marcus is a very confident and talented speaker. I interviewed him for Business Bunker radio and he spoke at two of our events at Fruitworks. He speaks with passion for his desire for change in University education.


    -Paul Andrews, CEO Jobs in Kent. Former Head of IT Systems Support and Operations at Goldman Sachs and Resident Vice President at Citibank.



    'At Ambition House, I witnessed strong professional pitches from entrepreneurs coached by Marcus. The ability to create and deliver a compelling message is important in many walks of life and Marcus has amply demonstrated his ability to coach others to achieve this'


    -Sally Goodsell. Angel Investor, Angels Den, Founder of FSE (£40 million investment fund)



    'Marcus' passionate talk at TEDx SurreyUniversity about his ideas to improve teaching at Universities got me completely blown away. His suggestions are a wakeup call for changes long overdue, and they already pushed me to change the way I teach.'


    -Antonio Mele, Economics Lecturer at University of Surrey



    “I first met Marcus when he was developing Ambition House. This was aimed at developing University leavers ready for the work place and market. He remains as passionate and driven now as he was then providing inspiration to those around him. Marcus has developed an expert speaking style which I am certain will continue to engage and inspire.”


    Mark Dance, Cabinet Member for Economic Development, Kent County Council



    'I have known Marcus for several years now. He is very passionate about higher education and keen to propose solutions to, what he perceives, are the HE problems. He is a motivational speaker who establishes a very good rapport with students. He is direct, perceptive and highly original in his thinking'


    -Ania Bobrowicz, Senior Lecturer of Digital Arts, University of Kent

    'Thanks to Marcus's brilliant public speaking tuition and help with script writing I managed to deliver a Tedx talk which has been viewed 46,000 times, and counting. The topic? Tax! Not bad given I was a twenty year old undergraduate at the time. I've since been offered a job at a venture capital firm and the oldest Law firm in the world, majorly thanks to my Tedx and my ability to pitch during a group interview competition. Thank you so much Marcus for your support! If you want to learn how to be a better public speaker then Marcus is the man for you. Only good things can happen from Marcus working with lecturers next; every student from the UK to California (where I have also studied) knows that they need it!’


    -Alexandre Stylianoudis, Student & Tedx Speaker



    ‘Through persuasive communication Marcus inspires many to catch his enthusiasm and optimism for change. As an outstanding public speaker Marcus is able to convincingly paint a picture of the possibilities ahead and the joy of collaboratively working to that end. Marcus will never be satisfied with University education’s status quo when he can see and imagine a better way.’


    -Elizabeth Jenkins, Coach and Trainer, 25 years of working with children, young people, HE students and professionals. Founder at PathMakers Careers and Director at Red Rocket Associates Ltd



    ‘Marcus is without doubt one of the most inspirational people I've had the pleasure to work with. In a short space of time I see him as a leader, a collaborator and a friend. He's a passionate and committed individual who is genuine in everything he does. I can't think of anyone else that I would recommend as highly as Marcus’.


    -Oscar Harding, University Student & Film Director



    'Marcus is a very organised and enthusiastic person, and I was particularly inspired by his devotion to the project that I was working on with him. Due to the time and distance pressures on the work, communication should have been a bigger problem, but Marcus ensured that everybody knew what they were doing at all times. I'm grateful for the opportunity and would definitely work with him again.'


    -Jon-James Davies, Educational Consultant at Keyword Education, China



    'I've worked with Marcus during my time at Ambition House and I have come to know him as a very enthusiastic person with great leadership skills. Marcus is the kind of guy who will motivate you and push you to the best of your abilities. In addition to that, he is a very good public speaking coach and I've learned a lot from him in that sector. All in all, me and the team at 4Heads owe a lot of our success to Marcus, who not only assembled and set up our team in the first place, but was also responsible for getting us in contact with clients and setting up other important business connections.'

    -Dominik Platen, Feature Film Compositing / Roto & Prep artist. Formerly a guest Lecturer at the University of Kent



    'Had it not been for Ambition House I would have never had the resources, the team or the support to create a video advertising company whilst in University. Ambition House allowed me to meet like minded individuals with different sets of skill but the same determination and goals. Marcus demonstrated himself to be an excellent coordinator, adviser and mentor. His determination, passion and work ethic are truly exemplary. He has excellent skills in public speaking and online marketing, whilst demonstrating both confidence and reliability in meetings with clients, investors and employees. Working with Marcus was a pleasure, he is open minded and an excellent problem solver, whilst still willing to listen to both advice and criticism. He has an excellent creative mind and helped my company tremendously throughout the years. Marcus is a trust worthy business partner and a delightful person to have in any work environment.'


    -Paolo De Battista, Student & Co-Founder



    'Marcus is someone who is bursting with great ideas and enthusiasm which makes him perfect for co-founding a start up. He gets things done, keeps you motivated, and takes care of the business so developers can keep coding. It is easy to stay motivated with Marcus and it's a pleasure to work with him.'


    -Sam Meech-Ward, iOS Developer & Co-founder at Rezolute App, creator of mobile apps with over 2.5 million downloads, Canada



    'Marcus is an exceptional leader with a fantastic set of skills. He is a great teacher, communicator and motivator. I have worked with Marcus on a variety of different projects all in which he showed me an incredible level of support and guidance. I would highly recommend him to anyone or any business for his vision and business acumen.'


    -Edward Lomas, student & co-founder



    'To see Marcus in full flow is to watch someone passionate about their subject. My first encounter with Marcus, a TEDx talk at Surrey University, was listening to his crie-de-coeur for a better way to do education. Marcus's take on revolutionary common sense, presented with passion, verve & commitment is both entertaining and thought provoking.'


    -Richard Caplin, Former IT Director at France Citevision



    ‘My experience working with Marcus has given me not only public speaking skills but also confidence in myself. Marcus understands public speaking better than anyone else I know, work with him! The idea of Marcus working with lecturers is very exciting, how little training they receive is shocking and it shows.’


    -Edward Carins, MA from Oxford, BA from Kent, Project Leader at WaterSHED Asia, formerly at the United Nations.



    'I've worked with Marcus in Mobile App design projects where I could discover that he is an organized and highly motivated person who is always encouraging team members to give their best while showing his innovating leadership skills. Highly recommended.'


    -Gianfranco Cueva, UI & UX designer & animator, Peru



    'Having worked closely with Marcus as he prepared for his Tedx Talk on Education, I was incredibly impressed by him. Beyond his extensive research and knowledge is a lifelong commitment to improving learning in higher education. When you combine this with his exceptional communication skills, you have someone who will make a lasting impact on his audience. I highly recommend his services'


    -Marcus Hemsley, Founder & Creative Director at Fountain Partnership